Frequently Asked Questions:

Financial stressors are usually a cause of worry, particularly for parents of children with ASD who require therapy. In order to decrease this pressure, many insurance providers cover most of our services. For more financial information and to find out if your provider covers our services, please contact us!
We accept a wide range of insurance providers. Please contact our office for more details!
You can contact your insurance company to inquire if it covers our services. Alternatively, you can submit all paperwork to us, and we will submit to your carrier for approval.
We currently service many counties throughout the great state of Indiana, and we are constantly adding more. Reach out to our office to see if we provide services in your area.
Our specialization is the infant-to-teen age group, but we work with any age as long as a licensed professional has signed off on their diagnosis.

There is no need for one. You can contact our office directly.

Yes, your child does need a diagnosis from a licensed professional that they fall onto the autistic spectrum.