Who We Are!

Zac’s Promise is a therapy group that offers individualized consultation, intervention and therapeutic services for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The therapies we use are evidence-based and show an incredible success rate, so you can finally take a deep breath and allow your child to shine!

We understand that financial constraints are a concern for many. Rest assured, our services are covered by nearly all insurances, ensuring that your child gets the care, attention and therapy they deserve without the exorbitant costs.

Our Story!

Zac is your average 8-year-old boy – funny, rambunctious and full of life. He also has extreme difficulty focusing, defies discipline, and – like many other children suffering from ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) – is often misunderstood. When Zac was diagnosed with ASD at a young age, his devoted parents were completely in the dark. They were unfamiliar with the correct course of action recommended to parents of children with ASD, and they spent many months floundering until discovering ABA therapy online. They knew this brand of therapy had proven incredibly effective in helping children with ASD to thrive, but no matter how hard they searched and researched, they couldn’t find a local agency that was equipped to address Zac’s unique needs. Affordability became an issue as well, as long-distance therapists charged prices they couldn’t dream to afford.

It pained Zac’s parents greatly to see their happy, bright child struggle to keep up socially, academically, verbally and more. They knew their child had the capacity to thrive – they just had to find a service that believed in Zac as they did. That’s where we, the therapists and management of Zac’s Promise ABA, came into the picture. After hearing about Zac’s parents’ predicament, we reached out to the family. We promised these devoted parents that we would not only help Zac to THRIVE, we would also coach them to be the most supportive family they could be to help him achieve his goals.

Zac’s Promise is a unique ABA therapy solution. We help our clients thrive by utilizing our unique, NON-cookie-cutter approach to therapy that takes place in your home. Working with our children in a familiar, at-home setting is most effective in ensuring the behaviors we learn and establish together stick for their rest of their lives. The Zac’s Promise team is also renowned for the incredibly strong support, coaching and training we offer the families of ASD children.

The promise we made to Zac is the promise we uphold to all the children and families who work with us: that we are here WITH you and FOR you as we help your child become the best version of themselves that they can be. We look forward to upholding this promise for decades to come.