What To Expect When You Work With Us!

Whether you’ve worked with an ABA therapist before, or you’re new to the world of ABA, we’re here for you. After you reach out to us to request a consultation, a friendly Zac’s Promise friend will reach out to you to discuss your questions, concerns and unique needs. After your consultation, we’ll organize a meeting with your child and the therapist we’ve deemed will have the greatest positive impact on your child’s development. You’ll receive weekly updates from your child’s therapist, who is happy to answer any and all your questions! As time progresses, our management team will keep a close eye on your child’s progress and ensure, every step of the way, that you’re pleased with your child’s pace and therapist relationship. Your child is on their way to their happiest, healthiest and most confident self!

ABA therapy will help your child aspire to, and reach, their potential!

How to get started with Zac’s Promise

STEP #1 Get in Touch!

Get in touch with us to find out about creating a plan and scheduling your child for an assessment.

STEP #2 Assessment

We assess potential candidates. Upon approval, we will meet with your child and make a specialized therapy plan.

STEP #3 Home-based ABA

This is when we implement the specialized therapy plan to help your child excel!

Watch your child succeed!